This will be done only 1 time.
Applications required
  • Visual Studio Community (2022)
  • If you are using Unity -> Unity 2020 LTS and New empty project in Unity

Make sure Visual Studio has this components installed

Please install the Visual Studio Components BEFORE opening the Game Launcher Solution; otherwise you will get errors in certain cases because the project settings are overwritten.
If you already opened it and are getting errors, delete it and unzip the GameLauncher.zip again.

Game Launcher requires some Visual Studio components

In Visual Studio Installer
Enable .NET Desktop Development
Add these Visual Studio Individual components
.NET 6.0 Runtime (Long Term Support)
.NET Core Runtime 3.1 (Long Term Support)
.NET Framework 4.6.1 SDK
.NET Framework 4.6.1 Targeting Pack
If you are using a Control Version software like Github, Bitbucked, PlasticSCM, etc... for your Unity Project
Add this to your .gitignore
/[Gg]ameLauncher [Aa]pp [Ww]orkspace/
/[Gg]ameLauncher [Ll]auncher [Ww]orkspace/

Video tutorial

Follow these steps

If you are using Unity
Create a new empty project in Unity 2020 LTS. This will be your workspace to create patches with Game Launcher.
Then, Download and Import Game Launcher Unity Package in Unity
Decompress the GameLauncherFull.zip if you own the Pro Version
Unity Only
Follow these steps if you own Game Launcher from Unity Asset Store
Locate GameLauncher.zip in GameLauncher/Installation in the Unity Package
Move and Decompress GameLauncher.zip OUTSIDE THE UNITY PROJECT FOLDER
GameLauncher.zip decompressed
  1. 1.
    Open GameLauncher.sln in Visual Studio
  1. 2.
    Right Click in GameLauncher solution and click Rebuild Solution
  1. 3.
    Open MainWindow.xaml and MainWindow.xaml.cs files
At this point you will see the brand new Game Launcher UI!
Game Launcher Project in Visual Studio

Building the Self Patcher

The SelfPatcher is a program to update the Launcher
  1. 1.
    Right click in SelfPatcherWinForms -> Build
2. When the build are completed, Right Click -> Open Folder in File Explorer and Navigate to .../Build/Release folder
Getting the Self Patcher files
3. Copy the SelfPatcher.exe and SelfPatcherCore.dll
4. Open Game Launcher UI Manager in Unity | Or use the Patch Creator in the Manager folder
For Unity
Tools -> Game Launcher -> UI Manager
Patch Creator
5. Open the Launcher Workspace folder and Paste the files in the SelfPatcher folder
Paste the SelfPatcher files

Now upload your launcher files

You can use Google Drive or any Host to store your files
We recommend Hostinger as Host provider
Use this code to get a discount

Upload the content of Upload my content to your host

We don't recommend to use Google Drive as Host because it adds more steps every time you create a patch, and it's not the ideal way for serious and large projects.
But you can do it anyway
We received reports that Google Drive blocks the access to download files certain times if you try to use it as a Host. We recommend to avoid his use for Production Environments.

Setup your launcher depending your host

Other Hosts
Google Drive
  1. 1.
    Create a folder called GameLauncher in your Host
  2. 2.
    Upload the content of Upload my content folder to GameLauncher folder
The Upload my content folder is located in the GameLauncher.zip content
To upload your files use your host File Manager or FTP like FileZilla
Uploading files to your host
3. In Visual Studio in the MainWindow.xaml.cs script, paste your host link in HOST_URL
Your Host URL is the location of your GameLauncher files like:
Make sure isUsingGoogleDriveHost is set to false
Local Host starts with file:///
Remote Host starts with https:// or http://
That's all!
  1. 1.
    Create a folder called GameLauncher in your Host
  2. 2.
    Upload the content of Upload my content folder to Google Drive
The Upload my content folder is located in the GameLauncher.zip content
3. Set all links to public
(Repeat this) 4. Locate 'VersionInfo.info' file inside Launcher folder and copy his public link
Remember the link type must be set to Anyone with the link
5. Paste the public link of 'VersionInfo.info' in the MainWindow.xaml.cs script
Repeat the same steps for App 'VersionInfo.info' file
Make sure isUsingGoogleDriveHost is set to true
Repeat the same process for
  • PATCH_NOTES_URL from PatchNotes.txt
  • SERVER_STATUS_URL from ServerStatus.txt
Getting the public links of .txt files
That's all!

Set your custom MAINAPP_EXECUTABLE name

This will be the app that will be executed by the Launcher


Your Launcher files need to be public available on your Host to let GameLauncher download them.
We recommend Hostinger as Host provider.
Use this code to get a discount in your first purchase
The .htaccess file in your Host allows this type of view (it's helpful when you are deploying updates)
Options All
Add these two lines at the end of your .htaccess file
Game Launcher Host

Next steps

Proceed creating your Launcher!