⚠️Show an Alert

Displaying an Alert to your users in the Launcher

This tutorial requires

Open your Server Host Files

Open your Unity Project

The information displayed in the Launcher is divided the environment and the language/

Release and Beta

If you want to change an Alert of the Release Environment in en_US language, locate the file inside your Host it should be in:


Modify the News Content

Open the News JSON Creator in Unity

Tools/Game Launcher/News JSON Creator

  1. Copy your actual news file content (Example: .../News/Release/en_US_Release_News.txt)

  2. Paste the content inside the Load JSON section

3. Creating an alert

Alert Type: The color of the alert.

Date: The alert date.

Message: The message to show.

Show after date?: if true, the message will be shown after the specified date.

Interaction URL: If the alert is clicked the user will be redirected to this URL.

4. Copy the Generated JSON

5. Replace the content of your actual news file

(Example: .../News/Release/en_US_Release_News.txt)

That's all!

Your alert must be showed in the topside of your Launcher!

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