3. Create your patch

Create your Launcher patch
This tutorial assumes you already your deployed your App files in the workspace folder.
If you don't have done this, please go here: 1 & 2. Build your App​
You can create a patch from other version but you will not really require this.
Always create a patch from the current version to the new version
Game Launcher automatically increments the last number by 1 when creating a new version.
But If you want, you can change the format of the version
Like '1.0' or '1' or '1.03311' or anything you want.
In Unity menus, Open UI Manager
Tools -> Game Launcher -> UI Manager

Creating your patch

  1. 1.
    Switch to App Workspace
2. Press on Create Patch
You have to assign a HOST URL
Testing in Local Space will start with file:///
Testing in Remote Space will start with https:// or http://
The HOST URL in App Workspace Must End with '/App/'
Example: https://yourhost.com/GameLauncher/App/
Your app Host URL must end with '/App/'
Creating an app patch
When Operation is successful appears, your App patch is ready!
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