1 & 2. Build your App

Build your app files to let Game Launcher work with it.
This tutorial assumes you correctly installed the Game Launcher in your server.
If you don't have done this, please go here: Installation​


Creating app patch


The content in the App folder is exactly what the users will download.
All files are required to compare the previous files vs the new ones.

1 & 2. Build your App

Remember to check the App/Product name in Unity Player Settings.
It must be the same as your MAINAPP_EXECUTABLE in your Launcher
  • Build your App in the Release or Beta App workspace folder from the Patch Manager
What is Release or Beta?
Release: The environment for end-users
Beta: The public beta environment for developers, using for testing (You need to enable it in GameLauncher.xaml.cs set DisableBetaEnvironment = false)
Patch Manager App folder location
...\Patch Manager\App Workspace\App\Release
Patch Manager Release/App Folder from App Workspace
Build your app
That's all!
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