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Show your News or Changelog

Display your News or Changelog in the Launcher
This tutorial requires
Open GameLauncher.sln in Visual Studio / Or your Launcher executable
Open your Game Launcher/News/Release folder in your Host to update the content of a .txt file
Open your Unity Project

The news are loaded from your Host. Do not change in the Launcher.

Game Launcher Window Features

You need to know

Every News content has it's own Language in the environments

It starts with the name denomination like en_US (English - United States)
Also they are divided by his environment Release or Beta.
The file names of the News are en_US_Release_News.txt
This refers that file is from en_US language in the Release environment

JSON Content

The content of the News files like en_US_Release_News.txt is JSON.
These files are stored in your Host:
Game Launcher will download this file to display the news in the Launcher Window
"ProjectName": "Game Launcher",
"Language": "en_US",
"Environment": "Release",
"Region": "Any",
"ServerStatus": "Online",
"ReportBugURL": "",


Main Data

These are the links of the buttons in the Launcher.
Leave empty if you don't need this information
News JSON Creator - Main Data section
Change the Language to your desired Language like en_US
If this news are for Release or Beta environment change the Environment


Use the alerts to inform your players the state of your server, or very important info about your game.
The alerts are the alert that are show in the topside of the Launcher.
If Show after date is activated, then your alert will be shown after only after the specified date.
Game Launcher UI - Alerts section
News JSON Creator - Alerts section


Set your news data in this section, you can add various of them
The Image URL need to be stored in your Host or be public available in the internet.
The Video URL can be a youtube link or a video in your host.
We recommend to store your images in your Host
And the videos use Youtube
Game Launcher News
News JSON Creator - News section


The subnews are used to display more relevant info about your app/game. Like tourneys, communities, documentation, or other useful links.
Game Launcher Window - SubNews
News JSON Creator - SubNews section

Changing the News Content

Example: Changing the News content of en_US language in the Release environment
  1. 1.
    In Unity menus, Open News JSON Creator
Tools -> Game Launcher -> News JSON Creator
Opening News JSON Creator
2. Set the data of your news as your preference
3. Copy the Generated JSON
4. Locate your file (Example: en_US_Release_News.txt in Game Launcher/News/Release folder)
5. Paste the JSON Content in the file
And that's all!
Game Launcher will automatically download the text from the file.
Try it reloading your news in the Launcher!
Game Launcher news example