3️⃣3. Create your patch

Create your Launcher patch

This tutorial assumes you already placed your launcher files in the workspace folder.

If you haven't done this, please go here: 2. Move your Launcher

Remember if the folder PatchManager\Launcher Workspace\SelfPatcher\ doesn't contain the SelfPatcher files the Launcher will fail to update itself. If you haven't done this, please go here: Installation

Creating your patch

Make sure you have assigned a HOST URL in the

You have to assign a HOST URL

Testing in Local Space must start with file:///

Testing in Remote Space must start with https:// or http://

The HOST URL in LauncherWorkspace Must End with '/Launcher/'

Example: https://yourhost.com/GameLauncher/Launcher/

  1. Press on Create Patch

Launcher patches takes usually 3-5 minutes because is one larger file.

(The first version is almost instant)

When Operation is successful appears, your Launcher patch is ready!

Next step:

4. Upload your files to your server

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