Set a Splash Screen

The Splash Screen will show your logo a few seconds before your application starts.
This tutorial requires to open GameLauncher.sln in Visual Studio
Splash Screen Logo

Deactivating the Splash Screen

If you don't want to show a Splash Screen,
Make sure all images Build Action are set to Resource

Set your own Splash Screen

Set your own Splash Screen is very easy!
  1. 1.
    Copy your own logo to the Images folder
  2. 2.
    Set the Build Action to Splash Screen in the Properties
Remember to deactivate any other previous splash screen
Returning his Build Action to Resource
Now Start the Launcher and see your new Logo!

Splash Screen Duration

In MainWindow inside MainWindow.xaml.cs you can set the Splash Screen duration.
The time are in MS (Milliseconds).
1000 MS = 1 Second