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Adding games

Adding games to the Enterprise Version
Learn how the Launcher Enterprise works: How it works
The Launcher downloads the file GameList.txt which contains the data of every game.
This file is located under YourHost/GameLauncher/Config folder
Config folder in Host

Game List file

GameList.txt contains the data of every game.
To Add a Game to the Library just copy and add another bunch of fields below the last game.
Save the file and Upload it again to the Host.
GameList.txt file content. 2 Games added.
Variables Explanation
  • Title: Title of your game (Root folder name).
  • Subtitle: Subtitle of your game.
  • Show: If true, the launcher will display this game in the Library. If not the game will disappear.
  • CoverURL: Cover URL image of your game.
  • IconURL: Icon URL image of your game.
  • LogoURL: Logo URL image of your game.
  • ColorHEX: Background color for the Launcher.
  • DefaultLaunchArgs: Default Launch Arguments when the user starts this game.
  • Link Only: If true, the Play Button now opens a Link. (Use for non-downloadable games, or to link games from another store like Steam).
  • IsMultiplayer, isMobile, IsWindows,IsMacOS, isFreeToPlay: Indicates the category of the game. Use it to indicate where your game is going to be located.