Adding a new language

You can add a new language to your launcher [PRO version only]
Applications required
  • Game Launcher PRO Version
  • Visual Studio Community (2022)

Add a new language in the code

  1. 1.
    In Visual Studio Solution Explorer, open Localization.cs under GameLauncherCore project
You can search for the ISOCode for your new language here: https://www.andiamo.co.uk/resources/iso-language-codes/
  1. 2.
    Duplicate the SetLanguage_EN_US function and change the name to your ISOCode
Example: English (United Kingdom) | en-gb We duplicated the SetLanguageEN_US function and changed the name to SetLanguage_EN_GB
Recently created SetLanguage function in Localization.cs
  1. 3.
    Now translate every string to your new language
  2. 4.
    In the SetLanguage function, add another else if using your language ISOCode.
SetLanguage function in Localization.cs
  1. 5.
    In Views folder locate SettingsWindow.xaml.cs search for GetSelectedLanguageIndex and add your language ISOCods
  1. 6.
    Duplicate the code from SetLanguage_en_US_MouseDown function And place a correct name to the function, and also change the string of the language.
Placing new correct values
  1. 7.
    In SettingsWindow.xaml search for comboBoxUILanguage element and search for the items and add a new one for your language. Remember to change the PreviewMouseDown refering to the above function.
That's all!
Now run your Launcher and change the language to the new one!