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Customize News Fonts

Learn how to customize the news and fonts of Game Launcher
This tutorial requires to open GameLauncher.sln in Visual Studio
Open the MainWindow.xaml.cs file
Do not change the SubNews directly in the XAML view. Or it doesn't reflect any change. They are created internally. Use the below tutorial for that.
If you want to change other elements displayed like the text content, image, or title, and other elements, please go here -> Show your News or Changelog
The subnews are created internally in Game Launcher by the function
  • CreateSubNewsElement ()
This functions creates the subnews elements in the Launcher Window.
For editing the News, change them directly in the XAML
These are the SubNews (They aren't the same)

Assign your own font

Insert your new font

The default fonts are in the GameLauncher/Fonts folder
In the Game Launcher Solution Explorer -> Right Click on Fonts -> Open Folder in File Explorer
Opening Game Launcher Fonts
Move your new font to this folder (.ttf files)
Game Launcher Default Fonts
When your new font appears in Visual Studio, Select it
In the Propierties Window set the Build Action to Resource

Using the font in the news

Search for the function CreateNewsElement () or CreateSubNewsElement ()
Look for FontFamiliy and change the path to Fonts/#YourFont
FontFamily = new FontFamily (new Uri ("pack://application:,,,/"), "./Fonts/#Dosis"),