Creating your template and selling it

You are allowed to create your own WPF UI Application to use the Game Launcher Unity Asset. And sell it in Unity Asset Store

Mark your asset as Game Launcher dependant.

Marking your asset as dependant

Marking your asset as dependant will advise your buyers that they will need to buy Game Launcher to make your asset work properly.

Game Launcher URL:


Recommended price: $30 or more

The price will depend on the features like:

  • New functions (Most important)

  • UI Complexity

  • Quality

Images and Content

Please follow the Unity Guidelines for the promoting images

In the asset description please set a note: "This asset depends on GameLauncher Asset to work properly".


DO NOT INCLUDE GameLauncherCore.DLL in the Asset

If you are not developing new Core Features, do not include it.

If you are developing new functions for Game Launcher Core, compile it in a new .DLL file.

Like: MyCustomFunctions.DLL

We recommend you to create these features separated from the primary GameLauncherCore.DLL because we will continue submitting GameLauncherCore.DLL updates.

If there's no way to separate your new feature from the primary DLL, you can contact me in and we can search for a solution for this.

If you deploy a modified GameLauncherCore.DLL WARN IT TO YOUR USERS

The users using your Custom WPF will use your modified GameLauncherCore.DLL

This means if your users update the GameLauncherCore.DLL they will get errors.

You as developer, will be responsible of updating your modified DLL file with new features everytime we update it.

But don't worry, we will warn it in the Game Launcher changelog if this happens.

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